It’s that time of the year where I update my Bullet Journal to reflect days and dates relevant to the year. This time around, I am moving from the NoteShelf app to GoodNotes 5.

I have used a digital Bullet Journal for about 3 years now(I write about why I switched to digital here) and have created one for free here because I think it’s more convenient bullet journaling through an iPad than a book. However, I have found GoodNotes to be relatively better than Noteshelf because of the following reasons:

  • It’s easier to customize writing pressure. It’s easier for…

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Just like everyone using this time to catch up on old friends, I had just gotten off the phone with a friend. We had discussed all the stress COVID-19 brought with it, how it affected jobs and those who were already looking for a way to survive before this. I myself had pointed out how concerned I was about life after COVID-19; if there would even be an after. But I couldn’t help but parallel this period with Biblical narratives that held didactic value to me.

We spend 12 hours a day plowing for the bottom line- the super fast…

How do you apply Agile principles of continuous improvement, constant inspection and adaption to personal development?

How do you create meaningful backlogs and to-do lists for personal life pursuits?

This sketchnote shows how I merge three major concepts: David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and Agile principles.

  • Start with your Why!
  • Write your life story. How does this story start, where is it now and how is it going to end.
  • Identify your 7Fs(Faith, Family, Field, Friend, Fun, Finance and Fitness). They are the core areas of our lives that should be balanced.
  • Create a backlog of…

A free download to be used on NoteShelf for iPad.

I have used a Bullet Journal for about 3 years now. It’s helped me manage(at least better than most systems) the chaos that is my mind. It’s probably the most freeing personal organization system I have seen. You literally don’t need to buy any of those fancy journals. You just create a system that works for you and only you …based on Ryder Carroll’s method.

I stopped using a physical journal last year(wrote about it here). In that article I wrote about why I prefer a digital journal to a physical journal. …

I never liked coffee black. I never liked my coffee without sugar. But I love me a good cup of coffee. Any true coffee expert will tell you to try coffee without sugar.

“That’s so bitter”, I’d end up telling myself. How can you love something that’s bitter?

“Just try it. You will acquire the taste”, I was once told.

Now I take my coffee without sugar, mostly black and I love it! Is it bitter? Yes. Do I still love coffee? Yes. EVEN MORE! How did I get from there to here? Constant practice. Did the coffee taste change…

You need another type of stomach to comprehend the fact that you can be born of God.

You need another type of stomach to understand that those who were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. How?

That the Kingdom of God is not up above but within you!

That all things are possible to those who believe. Does ‘all’ not mean everything with the exception of nothing?

I have been bullet journaling for about a year now. My first real introduction to a daily journaling practice was through an introduction to the Micheal Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. Using this planner for about 6 months, I could see why planners(good planners) work. Instead of buying another Full Focus Planner, I decided to use plain books to plan my daily, monthly and yearly goals and activities- having learned Michael Hyatt’s productivity system.

When I first came across the Bullet Journal idea, I was blown away by how flexible the method was. Because you’re not limited in any way to…

It must have been around 1999. My mom came into my room to wake me up for dinner. That sleep was sweet. If you’ve spent enough time sleeping, you can attest to that point in your sleep where the sleep just starts to make so much sense.

Wooosh! I felt the cold water on my face! My mother had poured a bowl of water on my face. The sleep cleared from my eyes instantly! Has this ever been done to you?

The last couple of months, I have immersed myself in loads of books, discussions, and ideas that have given…

Andy Puddicombe speaks to me in the mornings and evenings. His voice plays in my head, even as I write this. 63 straight days, 115 sessions and 20 hours of hearing him give me instructions cross-legged in my bedroom is in theory weird. In practice, …!

A story about haircuts

The lady who cut my hair 4 weeks ago was this very curvy latino, M. Rodriguez. Why won’t I forget? Well, she was very curvy. I had never gotten a haircut from a woman not to talk about a sexy looking latino. So I was hoping and hoping she would be the one to cut my hair. And she did! Oh, and she gave me her card. It was the Walmart, Southside Orlando. I felt good.

Two days later, the woman-effect worn out, I told myself I would no longer cut my hair for $15 but get a $15 clipper…

Seye Kuyinu

Agile Thinker, Scrum Master, Sketchnoter & JavaScript Dev. I suck@being a Christian so I live in grace & write @highliferco. Author of the In Other Words series

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