Bullet Journal Template 2020 for NoteShelf(iPad)

A free download to be used on NoteShelf for iPad.

Seye Kuyinu
2 min readDec 31, 2019


I have used a Bullet Journal for about 3 years now. It’s helped me manage(at least better than most systems) the chaos that is my mind. It’s probably the most freeing personal organization system I have seen. You literally don’t need to buy any of those fancy journals. You just create a system that works for you and only you …based on Ryder Carroll’s method.

I stopped using a physical journal last year(wrote about it here). In that article I wrote about why I prefer a digital journal to a physical journal. I use NoteShelf for iPad to manage my Bullet Journal.

I have created a Bullet Journal 2020 template for myself and freely making available. This template includes:

  • Dated monthly logs (January — December)
  • Morning routine collection
  • Evening routine collection
  • Small dotted page template
  • Future logs

Click here to download.

Of course, this template works with NoteShelf.



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