My free Bullet Journal 2022 template GoodNotes 5 edition for download

  • It’s easier to customize writing pressure. It’s easier for me to write in calligraphy on GoodNotes
  • GoodNotes gives better flexibility with editing imported images. Cropping is so much easier. This especially comes in handy when you’re scrapbooking
  • GoodNotes allows for tabs. I can switch between two notebooks easily.
  • I find it does a better job of backing up my notebooks to Google Drive. Noteshelf was a little more manual(even though it says in the options ‘automatic upload’).
  • Dated monthly logs (January — December)
  • Morning routine collection
  • Evening routine collection
  • Small dotted page template
  • Future logs



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Seye Kuyinu

Seye Kuyinu


Roles my avatar plays: Agile Thinker, Scrum Master, Sketchnoter, Score composer, JavaScript Dev and Author of the In Other Words series.