My free Bullet Journal 2022 template GoodNotes 5 edition for download

Seye Kuyinu
2 min readJan 4, 2022

If you’ve followed my page long enough, you’d know that every year I publish here on Medium, a free Bullet Journal template that I use for myself. If this is you are here randomly, please find a link below to download my 2022 Bullet Journal template prepared for GoodNotes 5.

I want to recap here why I use a digital bullet journal! First of all, I can keep it pretty private. Secondly, I can export my previous year’s journal entry to Google Drive or another archiving platform for reference in 2044.

You can read my other reasons from this post.

In last year’s post, I mentioned why I switched to GoodNotes for bullet journaling:

  • It’s easier to customize writing pressure. It’s easier for me to write in calligraphy on GoodNotes
  • GoodNotes gives better flexibility with editing imported images. Cropping is so much easier. This especially comes in handy when you’re scrapbooking
  • GoodNotes allows for tabs. I can switch between two notebooks easily.
  • I find it does a better job of backing up my notebooks to Google Drive. Noteshelf was a little more manual(even though it says in the options ‘automatic upload’).

This year’s Bullet Journal features:

  • Dated monthly logs (January — December)
  • Morning routine collection
  • Evening routine collection
  • Small dotted page template
  • Future logs

Click here to download



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