My friend had suicidal thoughts, here’s what we did

The Reticular Activating System and the anticipation neurotransmitter

“Lynne”, I said quite abruptly meaning to be stern, “do you know why going to the beach is so relaxing?”

We, the mind, or the body

“Lynne, I want to tell you something I wish I knew earlier. Something I wish we were taught in school but before I do, I want to say this…taking walks like we are doing right now helps you to relax a tiny little bit because while you take the walks you begin to notice things…the trash at the side of the road, the little doggy that’s togging on its walker’s hands, the construction worker right there calling out to Sammie, the other construction worker.”

Achievement of tiny goals

“Yes, a little bit. Why?”

A summary

I ate my Mayport Shrimp spilling some of the sauce on my sleeve while she wrapped up on the something something dockside cheese something something she ordered. I had promised to talk with her and give her a few things for her to do that would guarantee that she would find herself in a better place in a week. We talked about all of them

  • Add to that a small goal. Make sure you are specific about that goal. It could be laying your bed, watering your plants ever morning. Whatever it is, make it clear and go for them every single day.
  • Exercise your attention. Spend time meditating. The time you spend meditating gives you the opportunity to see the distance between who you are and your mind.
  • Find ways to be here, now. With your walks or whatever, take time to exercise. It is not just the exercise that makes you feel better. It’s the movement. It’s not just even the movement, it is the fact that you are constantly being brought to the present through those exercises. That’s why yoga, stretches, pilates etc they really do help your mind.
  • Music! That’s a good tool! You want to listen to music that uplifts you. Of course you have to be intentional about this! The moment you realize it’s putting you in that spiral, get something else to listen to. My suggestion would be something with binaural sounds. They have no lyrics or immediate emotional pull but they affect brain frequency by pacing and leading the waves in your brain.



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